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About Beth Dean. an Oklahoma-based photographer
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Beth Dean


Hi! My name is Beth Dean!

I work for corporate America by day, care for two very rowdy boys by night with my husband, and am an Oklahoma-based photographer on the fringes. Here’s a little bit about me:


1My day job is in Marketing. You can keep up with some of what I’m doing for that by checking out my Twitter feed, @Bibbish.


2I’m a runner. Not a very good or fast runner, but I still love it. I also have a slight obsession with bridges. When I get to combine the two and run over a bridge, it’s doubly awesome.


3I have two boys: Jordan and Max. I am completely over the moon enamored with them, though sometimes they’re complete hooligans.


4I loooove food. Crusty bread, ice cream treats, popcorn, bakery items, perfectly blended salads…I’m a sucker for all of it.


5I am ridiculously bad at gift-wrapping. No matter how careful I am, it comes out a huge wadded mess. Same story with handwriting; it looks like my pen attacked the paper. Same story with folding fitted sheets; just wad it up nicely and call it a day.


Send me an email at I’d love to hear from you!

Beth Dean Photo
Beth Dean

Beth Dean: An Oklahoma-Based Photographer