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Welcome to beth Dean Photo's Blog! Check back often for my latest family photo, senior, wedding, and architecture photography projects around Oklahoma.
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Risk. Originality. Virtuosity:

Three factors in greatness. presented by keynote speaker and Olympic champion gymnast Peter Vidmar at the OKHR Conference.

I have the honor of being an official blogger this year’s Oklahoma HR Conference. To read more about taking those steps to greatness, see my write-up at For more information on the highly motivating and engaging Peter Vidmar, visit his website at (more…)

Who’d a thunk it! I am still keeping up with the 365 photo a day project. Here are March’s shots. I started changing it up a bit towards the end of the month, giving myself week long (give or take) photo assignments.

Click here to keep up with the latest at my flickr photostream.

  • First, the general, free-spirit photos! You’ll notice I included a lot of Spring springing.


And now for a random blog about the beauty of small town Oklahoma. We love to go to Pop’s gas station and diner in Arcadia. Located on Route 66, they offer over 500 different varieties of soda pop, as well as some cool ole school diner food. Check out their website here: I always have to take pictures there. Here are some of my favorites:


I did a 365 project in 2010 where I take a photo each day, even if it’s with a crappy cell phone. I lasted all of two weeks. Oops.

Hopefully I do better this year. Here’s a roundup of January’s photos. Some days I did pretty well. Some days, I really struggled to figure out what to photograph. Here’s hoping I can bring you a monthly wrap up all 12 months this time. To see the very latest, check out my Flickr feed here: