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Welcome to beth Dean Photo's Blog! Check back often for my latest family photo, senior, wedding, and architecture photography projects around Oklahoma.
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I’ve put a new look to the blog. Let me know what you think.

I get to photograph some seriously cute kiddos. My own boys are seriously cute, too, but when I pull out my camera, it’s as if the “Let’s Make Mom Miserable” fairy has beaten them over them head with her magic wand. Case in point, I thought it would be great to do a mini-session with the boys and my mom:

In this one, I'm begging the boys to please not squish their Grandmere to death.


I had the pleasure of shooting Julie and her family. Nature is really popping right now with all the fall colors.

I am completely in love with little Reed’s hair. If Julie was the stage mother type, he could be one of those baby models, except not the kind that will grow up to have multiple deep-seeded issues he hides with Botox and a raging kleptomania habit. Anyway, enough of my nonsensical rambling. On to the photos!