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My Little Dudes: The Danger Boys Get a Year Older

My boys both had birthdays recently, so I have to do an ode to them.

Jordan, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. At 9 years old, you are already way better at drawing than I ever could be
  2. Double that for Star Wars knowledge and origami
  3. You are creative and come up with the best product lines for your “stores” (light up Legos, traveling store in a box, etc)
  4. You have a real passion for the things you’re interested in, such as Taekwondo, drawing comics, and Lego creations; and bring more to it than someone else would.
  5. You still like to cuddle and have me sing three songs and a bonus at bedtime.

I could go on for infinity…

Maximilian, your awesomeness also knows no bounds. Top five:

  1. Your toots are totally stinky, but it’s funny that such a terrible smell can come from such a little dude
  2. You smile and bat your eyes when asking me to get you something. Yup, I’m a sucker
  3. You tell me I look pretty when I get dressed in the morning. (See above, since the compliment is often followed by a request)
  4. You sing cute random songs, like your latest that’s just “Bay-buh” over and over
  5. You like to throw off your towel and yell “Naked!” after your showers.

One of my all time favorite pictures of Max. He came up with the pose all by himself:

And now, for a compelling story of little boy-ness, featuring the dudes’ alter egos (wordpress is being weird about letting me embed video, so here’s a link):

iPhone friendly link: Danger Boys: The Book (mobile link)

Beth Dean

Beth Dean is a digital & content marketer by day, photographer by night and weekends, and book blogger based in Norman, Oklahoma. You can find my latest photography projects at and latest book reviews and recommendations at

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