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Photo Experiment: Copying the Advertisers that Get Copied

In looking at advertising campaigns, I’ve noticed that a lot of them copy each other. The Apple iPod silhouette campaign is probably one of the most copied right now. Here’s a sample of their rad ad:

Since then, I’ve noticed lots of ads and signs copying the silhouette ads. Not to be left out, I decided to do my own copy with photography. So, here’s my take on copying the ad that gets copied.

I think I like the one in the middle the best with the white space and color. That one’s inspiration is actually a cross between the iPod ad and an airline ad from the 60’s (can’t remember the name, but it had a row of colorblocked flight attendants–really awesome). I might go with that approach for future pics. More to come in the future. I think I want to try the Kindle ads next–I’ve seen a few now where campaigns are using the diorama/ stop motion approach.

Beth Dean

Beth Dean is a digital & content marketer by day, photographer by night and weekends, and book blogger based in Norman, Oklahoma. You can find my latest photography projects at and latest book reviews and recommendations at

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  • Jerry
    Posted at 11:47h, 24 August

    This looks very interesting. I do like the second photo better. I think the first one should have been darker on the silhouette. The kindle ads are pretty awesome.