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Beth Dean Photo

Photographing a Cute Kiddo at OU

OK. so here’s my problem. I have no objectivity or professionalism when I’m photographing kids. I’ m usually busy squealing about how incredibly cute they are. I had a really hard time keeping it together with this kid in particular during his photography session, because everything he wore, everything he said, and everything he did was beyond cute. I’ve been driving my husband crazy by repeatedly saying “He’s so cute!” in a voice about five octaves higher than my normal one the whole time I was going through his photos.

We had a great time with his photography session at the University of Oklahoma. He was a trooper, despite the incredibly windy and cold weather.
Look at his little bow tie! He’s such a little gentleman. Very dapper.
I loved his serious face.

And then….this is the face of a kid who is seriously. over. it. He was done with the horrible weather, done with the crazy shrieking lady who kept getting in his face with a camera (that would be me), and done waiting for his “good job” candy. Who can blame him? It’s hard work being so adorable. And of course, he was so cute when pouting that I couldn’t help but be charmed even then. Plus, even when he wasn’t 100% excited about the photos, he was still perfectly polite to me; no tantrums.

Luckily, he rallied pretty quickly and gave us some more smiles. I love that we caught a couple of his pouty faces though – I can just imaging he and his Mom looking at these photos years from now and laughing.

Beth Dean

Beth Dean is a digital & content marketer by day, photographer by night and weekends, and book blogger based in Norman, Oklahoma. You can find my latest photography projects at and latest book reviews and recommendations at

  • mom
    Posted at 07:48h, 08 December

    what an adorable young man–I love the shots with the cap. Ultra-handsome